With FormBuilder 0.75 it is now possible to specify a field on the form allowing the visitor to select where they want the form email to be sent.  You would do this as follows:

  1. Create a New Field Type “recipient selection”
    Create a new field on your form with the FormType set as “recipient selection”.
  2. Field Name
    Set the Field Name of this form field to be anything that makes sense to you.
  3. Field Value
    Set the Field Value to contain a list of email addresses you wish to have people send mail to, along with the name, position or department to be emailed separated by pipe ( | ) characters.
  4. Field Label
    Set an appropriate label on the field asking visitors to select a person or department to be contacted.



Field Type:
recipient selection

Field Name:

Field Value:
[email protected]|Sales
[email protected]|Furniture
[email protected]|HelpDesk

Field Label:

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