In this FormBuilder plugin lesson we will learn how to create autoresponses to be sent back to your website visitors when they fill out a FormBuilder created form.

Creating Autoresponses

In order to use an autoresponse with one of your forms, the first thing you must do is create the autoresponse itself. In other words, you have to create the email that gets sent back to the visitor who fills out the form.

To do this, browse to the Manage > FormBuilder page in your WordPress install. Autoresponses can be created in almost exactly the same way as the forms. To create your first autoresponse simply click the link which reads “Click here to create a new autoresponse”. Doing so will create a brand new empty autoresponse that you can now customize to your liking.

Editing Autoresponses

On the FormBuilder Management page, click the “Edit” button beside your new autoresponse, to load up the editing screen. This screen should give you 5 fields which you can use to edit the autoresponse that will be sent out to your visitors.


        This is simply the name that you would like to use for the label on this autoresponse. It will help you keep track of it when using it.


        This is going to be the subject line of the email that the visitor will receive. You may want to identify who you are and what the email is about.


        In this field, you should put the text that you want to appear in the body of the message sent to your visitors.

From Name

        This is a very important field in which you should put your name or company name. This will show up as the name of the person who sent the email to your visitor.

From Email

      This is a very important field in which you should put your email address or company email address. This will show up as the email address of the person who sent the email to your visitor.

Once you have made the changes necessary to your autoresponse, you can save it. Now we’ll move on to how to attach the autoresponse to your form.

Using Autoresponses

You may have noticed when creating your form in lessons 101 and 102, that in the main form building options, under the THANKYOUTEXT field, there was a dropdown box labeled “AUTORESPONSE”. Now, initially there may not have been anything in it, but now that you have created your first autoresponse, you should see at least the name of that autoresponse listed in the dropdown list.

In order to attach it to the form, the process is as simple as selecting the autoresponse name that you wish to use with the form you’re working on. That’s it. If you’ve already configured the rest of your form to appear the way you want it to, simply click the save button, and the autoresponse will be active.

Be aware, that in order for the autoresponse to work, you MUST have at least one field on your form for which the REQUIRED DATA is “email address”. This is so that the autoresponse knows what email address to send to. If you don’t know how to do this, refer to FormBuilding 102.

WARNING: If you happen to have more than one email address on your form, the FIRST one will be used for the autoresponse.