Ready to learn how to use the FormBuilder plugin? You can use the following pages to learn what you need to know.

Installation Instructions
You should be able to follow these simple directions to install the FormBuilder plugin on your WordPress site.

FormBuilding 101 – Creating Basic Forms
Use these instructions to create your very first FormBuilder form.

FormBuilding 102 – Form Fields
Once you have created your very first form in FormBuilding 101, you’ll want to move on to customizing it with some fields for your visitors to fill in.

FormBuilding 103 – Autoresponses
You may want your visitors to receive an automated email response from you when they fill out a form on your website. Here is how you do that.

FormBuilding 104 – Displaying Forms
Here are all the details of how to display forms on your site once you have created them with FormBuilder.

Uninstallation Instructions
We’ve included a script to help clean up your WP database from FormBuilder entries.

Advanced Form Concepts:

FormBuilding 201 – Selectable Recipients
Instructions on how to configure your forms with multiple selectable recipients by the visitor.

FormBuilding 202 – Personalized Autoresponses
With FB 0.80, you can now personalize the autoresponse message to include variables from the data the visitor sent in.

FormBuilder 203 – Custom Form Stylesheets
In some cases, you just need the form(s) to look different.