Recommended books and resources on the topics of PHP coding, website design, WordPress development and more.

WordPress is by far my favorite Content Management System of today and I highly recommend it to anyone starting out building a new website. These resources will show you how to install, leverage and tweak WordPress to the max.

Books on WordPress

WordPress for Beginners 2019: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress (Webmaster Series)WordPress for Beginners 2019: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress (Webmaster Series)

Master WordPress using our step-by-step visual approach (over 330 screenshots). This book is a major new release for 2019, covering the latest version of WordPress.

Building a beautiful, professional looking WordPress website (or a blog), is no longer the domain of computer geeks. WordPress makes it possible for anyone to create and run a website that looks great on any device - PC, Mac, tablet and phone. Whether you want to build a business site, an affiliate site, a hobby site or a blog, WordPress is a great choice.

The primary goal of this book is to take anyone, even an absolute beginner, from zero to WordPress "guru" in a few short hours. Inside this book, veteran WordPress expert Andy Williams will start at the very beginning. You'll learn important topics like:

• The two different versions of WordPress.
• Website hosting and domain registrars. How to set this up with separate registrar and host, for more security.
• How to install WordPress.
• An overview of the Dashboard including how to find hidden items.
• Cleaning out the stuff that is installed by default.
• Finding and installing WordPress themes to instantly change the look and feel of your website.
• Plugins. What they are and how you can use them to create magnificent websites.
• How to update WordPress, themes and plugins.
• Every single Dashboard setting, what they do, and what you should use in the settings of your website.
• How to find and use the RSS feeds on your site to help search engines find your content.
• The importance of user profiles, and how to assign a "Gravatar" image to your email address.
• How to create great navigation systems on your site, with custom menus, internal linking and related post sections.
• Enabling and dealing with visitor comments.
• Using the media library for images, video and more.
• The difference between pages and posts, and a simple way to know which one you should be using for each bit of content you publish on your website.
• Effective use of categories and tags. Using these incorrectly can get your site penalised or even banned from search engines.
• How to create content using both the Classic editor and the new Gutenberg editor.
• How to publish posts, and even schedule them so they will be published at some future date.
• Using post revisions.
• Two different types of homepage. A blog style page v a more traditional "static" homepage.
• Using widgets on your site to add neat features.

We'll also cover those vital plugins every site need, including:
• Automatically take backups and get them sent to the cloud.
• Automatically create important legal pages on your site, like terms and privacy policy.
• Creating a contact page so visitors can contact you.
• Add a related posts section to the end of every post to keep visitors on site longer.
• Setup good SEO practices.
• Setup social sharing buttons on your site, so visitors can easily tell their friends about your great web pages.

Most people learn better when they can actually see what they are reading about, so one thing this book isn't, is shy about screenshots. There are over 330 of them, showing you exactly what you will see on your screen, and prompting you to take specific actions as you learn and master WordPress. You may have heard that WordPress has a steep learning curve. With this book, you won't even notice it. Each chapter ends with a "Tasks to Complete" section. By completing these tasks, you'll not only become proficient with WordPress, you'll become confident at using WordPress. By the end of the book, you'll be building great looking, professional WordPress websites that look fantastic on any device... And you'll enjoy doing it!

Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPressTeach Yourself VISUALLY WordPressClear the "blog fog" with this complete visual guide to the WordPress platform

Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, 3rd Edition introduces you to the exciting possibilities of one of the world's most popular blogging platforms, and shows you how to build your blog from idea to execution. This edition has been updated to reflect the changes and new features of WordPress, and includes coverage of mobile blogging solutions that allow you to post on the go. Richly illustrated with screenshots and examples from the author's own WordPress blogs, this highly visual guide walks you through the setup and creation process step by step, and offers expert tips and tricks every step of the way. From installing WordPress and choosing a theme to custom site editing and self-hosting, this book provides the answers you need and helps you get organized and published quickly.

This is your essential guide to getting the most out of WordPress, from basic setup to advanced mobile features.
  • Customize your site with plug-ins, themes, and personalized editing
  • Blog whenever, wherever, with mobile blogging solutions
  • Buy your domain, choose a hosting service, and set up the admin stuff
  • Learn the best practices that result in engaging, dynamic websites
Whether you're promoting a business, building a personal brand, or just have something to say, this is your no-nonsense guide to building your blog.
WordPress All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))WordPress All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))Everything you need to know about WordPress

If you strive to have a blog that suits your needs, delights your readers, and keeps visitors coming back for more, this book is your ace in the hole! Offering you cream-of-the-crop guidance from eight bestselling books, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies is the only reference you need to get a handle on blogging basics, use SEO and social media tricks to drive traffic to your site, customize your blog with plugins and themes, and so much more.

WordPress powers more than 25% of the web—and for good reason. It's a state-of-the-art blog-publishing platform that makes your site look professional, lets it be searchable, and provides readers with a pleasant user experience. Whether you're just dreaming up your first blog or want to learn to use the latest version of the software to keep your site up to date, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies is the way to go!

  • Build your site foundation and become an admin pro
  • Personalize your site with themes and plugins
  • Use SEO and social media to extend your site
  • Read and understand site analytics

WordPress is free—and with a bit of help from this how-to guide, it can also be easy!