Project Fyre – My Latest Inspiration


Project Fyre will give you a simple way to start promoting your next great idea.

With an easy install and a little customization, you can quickly create a sleek looking landing page for your new product.

More specifically, you can create a place to pre-launch, where people can begin to come and learn about what it is you are creating. With this knowledge at hand, you may discover new niches and markets, learning more about the demand for what you intend to offer and building a potential base of interested customers.


  • Fast, simple install and setup
  • Social sharing built-in
  • Email subscription built-in
  • No MySQL required
  • PHP 5.6 compatible

Check out the site (which actually demonstrates some of what Project Fyre offers) at the following URL:

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Explaining Google PageRank

One of the mysteries of website promotion is the question of what Google PageRank is all about. A basic explanation would be that Google PageRank is the level of importance between 1 and 10 that Google assigns to your website. This numeric level is based on a number of factors, including relevancy, incoming links and so on. Google works on the premise that each time a website links to yours, it is essentially a “vote” for your website. The more votes you have, the more important your website appears to be and as such, will rank better in search engine results.

Not only do you need votes for your website, but the votes must be relevant. For example, if you have a website about Google PageRank, and have hundreds of websites about footwear that link to you, those votes really don’t count for much as far as Google is concerned. If on the other hand, you have websites about search engine optimization or text-link relevancy linking to you, those votes will be considered far more valuable.

The other factor in this system is the PageRank (PR) of the websites that link to you. Having numerous PR 2 sites linking to yours is not as valuable as links from a few PR 8 sites. Therefore, in your website promotion and marketing, it would make the most sense to work on getting quality (high PR), relevant links pointing to your site, rather than spamming your URL out to hundreds of sites with no PR and no relevancy to your content.

One way that you can get quality links pointing to your website is to buy them. Often it can be difficult to convince a site with a high PageRank to link to your little PR 2 website, but programs like Text Link Ads allow you to browse through their list of websites, find relevant sites with higher PR, and purchase links on those sites pointing to your own.

For a more detailed analysis of how Google PageRank works, check out this page on

Photo Puzzle Ads

I’m attempting a new website promotion concept that you may just want to check out. It’s called Photo Puzzle Ads, and the idea is to allow webmasters and businesses to advertise their websites or services by purchasing pieces of a puzzle. When someone purchases pieces of the puzzle, they become visible for everyone to see, and link directly to the person’s website.

You can find it, along with more details, at Feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts on it. I’d love to hear your opinion. You may even want to participate!