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The PMS Monitor for Men

This is a little side-project I built recently. The PMS Monitor for Men.

Guys, do you have women in your life who you want to try and understand more? Ladies, do you wish your man would just “get it”? The PMS Monitor for Men is here to help both of you!

Originally begun as a stand-alone mobile app, the PMS Monitor gained some popularity as a great resource for men to understand more clearly the women and their cycles in our lives.

Today, using the web app, you can track and review that same great information in a far more accessible way.

No longer limited to mobile access on Android devices, you can now keep track of your loved one’s cycle from anywhere you need it, and receive notifications and warnings anywhere you have email.

The PMS Monitor Features:

  • Tracking women’s monthly cycles
  • Quick and clear overview of the “current PMS situation”
  • Identifying extra sensitive times
  • Configurable alerts to warn of upcoming mood changes
  • All for FREE! with the ability to purchase more options.

You know the saying… “A happy wife brings a happy life”.  Sign up for your free account today and start understanding a little more about that wonderful woman in your life.

Have more questions? Check out the site.

My 5 Favourite WordPress Plugins

WordPress has become a major player in the world of website content management. Used as the platform of choice by hundreds of thousands of websites, it really has improved the ease by which new webmasters and grizzled Internet veterans alike are now able to deploy their latest creations online.

I use it as the Content Management System of choice on most of my sites and blogs and one of it’s key features is the ability to extend the codebase beyond it’s original abilities. These changes are made through plugins, and there are a number of plugins that I tend to use on a regular basis on my WordPress sites. This is a list of my favourite WordPress plugins. Read the rest of this entry »

New Business Site

I am excited to announce that I will be taking the initial steps of building my website design business. Until now, I have limited myself to work relating to my “day job” however as of now I will begin building my webdesign business in addition to my regular work.

Find more about my business and what I could offer you here:

Steps to Keep WordPress Secure

It has been brought to my attention that WordPress is becoming a juicy target for hackers and bot-nets.  As such, here are some simple steps you can take to prevent your WordPress site from being hacked.

  • Change your admin password regularly.
    One strategy that hackers are using is simple brute-force attacks to try and guess your password.  You should change it regularly, and make sure the password you choose is very hard to guess.  Long combinations of letters, numbers and symbols are best.  Sentences can be good too.  Consider using a password storage solution such as LastPass.
  • Install a plugin to block bad logins.
    There are a number of plugins out there which can lock user accounts if too many bad login attempts are detected.  Installing one of these would be a good security measure. Read the rest of this entry »

Beware of Thieves like AmazonPress

I was recently made aware of a couple of plugin thieves who have taken my code, rebranded it as their own (calling it AmazonPress), redirected the tip to themselves, and made it mandatory rather than optional with no notice to the website owner. In my opinion this constitutes theft from both myself as well as their clients/victims. By not giving credit to me as the original author they are also in violation of the terms of the GPL.

From their site: “We have been online for about 4 years now, we decided to jump in and create an open source plugin for wordpress, it seems there is a need for an amazon plugin that actually works properly, so we decided to go ahead and develop one. Soon to come we will be creating new and awesome plugins.”

If you’re a plugin developer, you better watch out because they might be “creating” your plugin next! If you already use their plugin, you may want to consider another option as they are stealing your commissions without your knowledge or consent. May I recommend the original AmazonFeed?

Aptana and Eclipse Mouse Click Problems

Recently, both the Aptana and Eclipse IDE’s have been giving me mouse clicking problems but I finally found the solution. To fix the problem you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a new empty file called that you will use to launch Aptana.  I store my install of Aptana in /home/username/Applications/aptana so I created the launch script in /home/username/Applications/
  2. Put the following code in the empty file and save it.  It will become what is called a wrapper script for launching the Aptana application.  Change the paths to match your environment.
  3. Make the script executable.  You can do this by right-clicking it in gnome and selecting Properties -> Permissions -> Allow executing file as program.  For the purists: chmod +x /home/username/Applications/
  4. Create a launch script.  For the sake of simplicity, I create a launch script for it on my desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Create Launcher.
    Name: Aptana
    Command: /home/username/applications/
    (browse to and select the script you created)

You should be able to use a very similar setup to fix mouse clicks in Eclipse as well.  Just change the paths and filenames where appropriate.  Keep in mind that the application for Aptana is called AptanaStudio whereas in Eclipse it is simply called eclipse.

You can now test your script by double clicking the launcher or running the shell script you created.  The mouse clicking problems should be fixed.

Where to Start with a Website

I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of people visiting this site who know very little about the whole process of setting up a good website. I’m sure there are many who are intimidated by the process, as well as those who simply haven’t due to the apparent exorbitant prices of doing so.

I want you to know that setting up and maintaining a website does not have to be either difficult or excessively expensive. In fact, you can do it for under $11 / month. The only thing that might be confusing to some is simply terminology and I’ll do my best in this lesson to explain what things are as well as how they work.

When it comes right down to it, there are three simple aspects to creating a website.

1. You need something called “HOSTING”.
HOSTING is simply the word that we use to refer to where your website is stored. We will use the analogy of a house. In this analogy, your HOSTING provider is sort of like your house. You can put things INTO your house… and people can come TO your house to see the things that you have on display.

When you get HOSTING, you receive something like an address. Just as with a real house, this address indicates to other people where they can find your website. Now, unfortunately, this address can be complicated at times. Usually, it is in the form of a number something like Sometimes, you may not have a specific number at all, so using this address can be fairly complicated for people. That’s why we get the next item on the list called a “DOMAIN”.

This website, for example, is hosted at DreamHost. They’re a company down in California which specializes in HOSTING and they’re both good and inexpensive. In fact, we very highly recommend them. For under $10 / month, they provide everything that we need to run this website, and they make it VERY easy to use. Check out DreamHost if you’re looking for somewhere good to host your websites.

We also have HOSTING COUPONS for $50 OFF. Click for more info.
Read the rest of this entry »

About the Owner of WarkenSoft Productions

As owner and author of this blog, I would like to take a little time to introduce myself and give some background on what it is that I do. My name is James Warkentin and I work as a full time PHP programmer at a non-profit ministry in Canada called TruthMedia. TruthMedia is part of a larger non-profit organization called Campus Crusade for Christ.

Campus Crusade for Christ is a Christian organization which works to bring hope to hurting people around the world. We do this in a number of ways, including sharing the good news that Jesus Christ has saved each one of us from our sins. Campus Crusade also works with a number of other agencies including the “Global Aid Network”, providing relief supplies to countries dealing with local crises, and assisting with projects that promote sustainable development.

As one of the main developers of Campus Crusade’s Internet presence, TruthMedia seeks to bring the same message of hope to hurting people on the Internet.

We build online communities where the message of Jesus’ salvation is shared, and spiritual growth takes place. Activities include evangelistic websites, spiritual chat rooms, training online mentors, and support for other groups wanting to develop their own Internet ministry. (

Because of the fact that TruthMedia is non-profit, I am required to raise all the costs associated with my employment there as tax deductible donations from people who want to support the work that we do. These costs include things like my salary, medical benefits and any other costs associated with being an employee.

In light of that, part of my job involves going to people and asking them to consider helping to support me in this ministry. I would like to do that here. If you would be willing to consider helping me financially in this ministry, I would LOVE to talk to you more about it. Feel free to email me through the contact form on this site with your thoughts or questions. OR, if you would like to donate directly to my ministry, feel free to do so using one of the following links:

Please choose the donation link which pertains to your location. Doing this will allow you to receive a tax deductible receipt for the appropriate country.

Thank you so much for your consideration of me in this ministry.
Have a great day,

James Warkentin

Site Downtime

You may have noticed that over the last few hours this site has been up and down. This has been due to problems with our web host and a planned outage which took some wrong turns, ending up longer than expected. If you can read this, you’re one of the lucky ones who got through.

Have a good one,
the Blog Admin.

Strongbad on Website Design

This little clip has been around for a while, but it’s still a great demonstration of what NOT to put on your website. Courtesy of
[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”300″ width=”400″ /]

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