Android + DropBox: A photogenic combination

Did you know that if you have an android phone, you can have any pictures you take with it automatically synchronize with your computer? If you install DropBox (Free for the basic version) on your phone and computer it will allow you to have it upload any pictures you take, and within a short time they will be on your computer(s). Check out DropBox here:

If you have limited/no data with your phone, you can even configure it to only upload pics once it’s connected to WiFi. I never thought phones were much use for picture taking, but I have to say, this makes it really nice and easy. Helps that most new phones these days have really decent cameras.

New Android Game: Bubbles & Snakes

We have just released a new game called Bubbles & Snakes. The objective is simple: pop the bubbles while avoiding the snakes. Quite addictive to play, things start out fairly easy with only bubbles appearing in the first level. Things quickly get more challenging in the second and third levels when the snakes arrive.

Bubbles & Snakes Screenshot: Level 2

Bubbles & Snakes: Level 2

Check it out here on the Google Play store.