The PMS Monitor for Men

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This is a little side-project I built recently. The PMS Monitor for Men.

Guys, do you have women in your life who you want to try and understand more? Ladies, do you wish your man would just “get it”? The PMS Monitor for Men is here to help both of you!

Originally begun as a stand-alone mobile app, the PMS Monitor gained some popularity as a great resource for men to understand more clearly the women and their cycles in our lives.

Today, using the web app, you can track and review that same great information in a far more accessible way.

No longer limited to mobile access on Android devices, you can now keep track of your loved one’s cycle from anywhere you need it, and receive notifications and warnings anywhere you have email.

The PMS Monitor Features:

  • Tracking women’s monthly cycles
  • Quick and clear overview of the “current PMS situation”
  • Identifying extra sensitive times
  • Configurable alerts to warn of upcoming mood changes
  • All for FREE! with the ability to purchase more options.

You know the saying… “A happy wife brings a happy life”.  Sign up for your free account today and start understanding a little more about that wonderful woman in your life.

Have more questions? Check out the site.

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