I was recently made aware of a couple of plugin thieves who have taken my code, rebranded it as their own (calling it AmazonPress), redirected the tip to themselves, and made it mandatory rather than optional with no notice to the website owner. In my opinion this constitutes theft from both myself as well as their clients/victims. By not giving credit to me as the original author they are also in violation of the terms of the GPL.

From their site: “We have been online for about 4 years now, we decided to jump in and create an open source plugin for wordpress, it seems there is a need for an amazon plugin that actually works properly, so we decided to go ahead and develop one. Soon to come we will be creating new and awesome plugins.”

If you’re a plugin developer, you better watch out because they might be “creating” your plugin next! If you already use their plugin, you may want to consider another option as they are stealing your commissions without your knowledge or consent. May I recommend the original AmazonFeed?

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7 Responses to “Beware of Thieves like AmazonPress”

  1. gerrica101 Says:

    It is terrible that your plugin has been counterfeited, but on the bright side, at least they supply users with feedback about support issues.

  2. Admin Says:

    That’s true I suppose, but they’re also ripping people off.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    Is there any way to feed in keywords from the All-In-One SEO Plugin into AmazonFeed in order to generate recommendations ? I’m dealing with a site that doesn’t deploy tags and the category information is too specific to get a result.

  4. The Frosty Says:

    I thought something fishy of the plugin when looking at the two versions, and there awkward changlog that jumped from version 1.9 to 9.5…


  5. Kenneth c Young Says:

    Well after reading this article on how familiar Amazon Press and Amazon Feeds are and how plugin thieves are stealing our commissions I am beginning to wonder just what is real on the internet anymore. So is in one of these plugins a thieves invention.

    I just had a site with many blogs that were well liked by my friends and all of a sudden one day all I see is Hello World when I go to my site.

    This is one person that is getting very suspicious when it come to just about anything on the web today.I am even afraid to put up an Adsense website in fear that my adsense commissions will be stolen.

    Kenneth c Young

  6. Kang Buat Says:

    Hi there,
    I was recommended by an internet site to use amazon press, until I stumble on your blog here. Your writing gave me thought about this plugin.
    About your plugin amazon feed, is it pull all the content from amazon including the price or what? How about if there will be an update on one of amazon products, will your plugin automatically update the content in the post, especially the price?

  7. richardo kaka Says:

    I’ve just installed that plugin before reading this articles and knowing this, I directly delete it, hope that noting was taken from me…..