Wicked Cool PHP – Review

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Wicked Cool PHP

Wicked Cool PHP

It’s not often that I write reviews about specific products, but I recently bought this book and couldn’t resist recommending it to anyone who has a basic grasp of PHP and is looking for some practical applications and scripts to work on. I have found it to be a great PHP scripting resource which walks through a number of very useful scripts in detail, discussing exactly what is going on and how the script might be used in real life.

The authors, William Steinmetz and Brian Ward, do an excellent job of walking through each script showing how it works, what the potential pitfalls are and how it might be used in real life.  The best part is, there isn’t a single “Hello World” script in the book.  Rather the scripts are solutions to real life programming situations that most PHP programmers will run in to at one point or another.

I highly recommend Wicked Cool PHP to anyone starting out with PHP who wants to go a little deeper than “Hello World” or wants to see real examples of practical PHP scripts.

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One Response to “Wicked Cool PHP – Review”

  1. Gaz Says:

    Aargh – I was through in the Big Mango yesterday for my annual book store drool – I picked this one up as a possible buy but put it back before leaving.

    Wish I’d read the review before I’d gone there, as I’d have grabbed it for sure.

    Have to wait for next year now – waauughh