I am happy to announce that I have upgraded AmazonFeed to support the new Amazon security requirements coming into place on Aug. 15’th.  If you are currently using AmazonFeed v. 1.3 or lower, you will want to upgrade to 1.4 or higher before Aug. 15, in order to continue displaying Amazon products on your site using this plugin.

You can read more about or download AmazonFeed on this page.

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3 Responses to “AmazonFeed Security Updates”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi, your Amazonfeed seems to be a great Plugin. I just installed the Plugin but I saw, I can not use it with Amazon.de Germany. Is it possible to get this feature integrated?

  2. Edward Harrison Says:

    This plugin is incompatible with 2.8.6. The screen refreshes blank If one tries to enter the basic information. Are there any fixes forthcoming?

  3. Admin Says:

    Hi Edward,

    Are you able to determine a cause of the problem by looking through your PHP logs? If you can find something more specific that might be causing the problem, feel free to email me using the contact form at http://www.warkensoft.com/contact/.

    At the moment, I’m using an advanced version of AmazonFeed on this blog (WarkenSoft.com) running 2.8.6 and it’s been working great. Another suggestion from someone else who had similar problems: try another browser like FireFox. Apparently an individual had issues in Opera. I’m going to be working to diagnose the problem, and release a newer and improved version as soon as possible. Details on that, and the issue that was had can be read here:

    James W.