Just for fun, we thought we’d run a poll to find out how helpful AmazonFeed has been to you and your website.  So, feel free to rate your success with it below.

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21 Responses to “Is AmazonFeed Making You Money?”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    I love this plugin – thank you! I have encountered a recurring problem though. It randomly deactivates for some unknown reason. Also, I’d love the option to select more than 1 type of product without having to select “all” (i.e. books, movies & music only). Thanks again!

  2. Eric Says:

    I didn’t make a dime yet but people start to use the links, means your plugin does the job. But I have been warned by Amazon they change the use of their service and you need to include some new element in the request.
    Do you plan to spend some time to upgrade your fine plugin to implement this new rule from Amazon .

    ‘from the mail : n addition to the new name, signatures will be necessary to authenticate each call to the Product Advertising API. This requirement will be phased in starting May 11, 2009, and by August 15, 2009, all calls to the Product Advertising API must be authenticated or they will not be processed. For pointers on how you can easily authenticate requests to the Product Advertising API, please refer to the developer guide, available at http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/


  3. Admin Says:

    I have just released a new version of the plugin using the new authentication method. You should be able to see it soon if not already.

  4. Dave Says:

    Made _some_ money directly related to this plugin, but I think I could make more with a bit of tweaking.

    It seems you do a search for product one tag at a time, which can generate some pretty strange results(at least for me). I’m not a PHP programmer (or I’d make this change myself) but I’ve been able to read enough of your code to see that much.

    If I copy and paste all of my tags (comma delimited) into the Amazon search box, I get much more relevant results. Maybe giving us the option to select which of the two ways we’d like to search would help.

    I’d also like some way of telling it to show higher priced items first. I can make a lot more money on a $50 item than a $20 item and I’d much rather show a $200 item if that is available.

    Just some thoughts.

  5. Admin Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Those are some great suggestions. I’ll have to keep those in mind for future versions.


  6. Michael Says:

    Apparently doesn’t work with 2.8.6. Totally clean install of WP, only plugin activated, and it 404s when you try to add your AWS info.

    I tried it based upon this statement, “All you have to do is continue writing about your favorite subjects and the plugin will offer related products to your visitors.”

    Is there a fix or is this plugin dead?


    Test site is at: http://wp.michaels-musings.com
    WP: 2.8.6
    AmazonFeed: Stable tag: 1.7 (per readme.txt)

  7. Admin Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ll have to take a look. I haven’t heard of anyone else having problems with it in 2.8.6, but it’s possible.

    Could you use my contact page and send me the link that resulted in the 404 on your site?


  8. Dave Says:

    Just for anyone using this plugin. I’ve found I get much better results if I use a search phrase for the page rather than relying on tags or categories. You can use the search phrase in Amazon search to find a phrase that will bring back results.

    Once I did that I started seeing a significant improvement. Of course, now that the holiday season is upon us, I’m starting to see some real good results.

  9. Michael Says:

    Hi James,

    I’m testing out WP as a posibility for Drupal replacement, as Drupal doesn’t really have any non-alpha Amazon modules. Other than a test post and comment the only thing I’ve changed is the Permalink Settings[*]:

    Custom Structure /%postname%

    For testing I deleted the entire amazonfeed plugin folder, re-unziped it, re-activated it, then:

    Amazon Feed Management
    >> http://wp.michaels-musings.com/wp-admin/tools.php?page=amazonfeed/php/amazonfeed.class.php
    Enter AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Access Key (don’t have Associate Tag, so left blank)
    Click, “Save”

    Returns: Error 404 – Not Found
    >> http://wp.michaels-musings.com/wp-admin/submit

    So, at this point I’m stuck, as I don’t know enough about the WP system to even determine if it’s the WP install or the plugin.

    If you need anything else, I’m happy to provide it,


    cPanel Version 11.24.5-RELEASE
    Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix)
    MySQL version 5.0.85-community
    Linux version 2.6.18-028stab062.3 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.1.2 20070626 (Red Hat 4.1.2-14)) #1 SMP

    I did check the .htaccess, as there there is some statement about Permalink and rewrites going wonky, but my .htaccess matches what I’ve found as being “correct” (below) and posts are being displayed.

    # BEGIN WordPress

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteBase /

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

    # END WordPress

    [emailed and posted in case someone else has the same problem]

  10. Michael Says:

    Hi Dave,

    “I’ve found I get much better results if I use a search phrase”

    Okay, admittedly I haven’t gotten the plugin to work :), but do you have a link to the howto/wherefor of using a “search phrase?”

    One of the sites we’re looking at to convert has 4000-5000 posts, and if there is an automated method to create a search phrase to get better results, then we’re definitely interested.


  11. Dave Says:

    Michael, once you get it running, the entry field for this will show up in the bottom of the post edit window.

    Sorry, the only “automated” way is using tags or categories.

    Since I didn’t put this in until well after I had a couple years worth of post, I just added this to my highest traffic pages.

  12. Michael Says:

    Hi James,

    Figuring that less is easier to debug, I re-set Permalink Settings to “Default.” And now I get an “Internal Server Error” from /wp-admin/submit even when just trying to update: Amazon Feed Management >> Options >> Display

    # # #
    And on a whim, I tried it in Firefox…

    The problem is Opera (9.62). Works fine in Firefox (2.x) (bitches I didn’t set the Associate Tag, but Saves fine). Now I’m completely baffled how a browser can fubar a server, but at least it’s solved, and you can add a note in the readme about Opera barfing.


    Well, I’m going to have to do custom migration scripts anyway, so…, I’ll see what I can do to auto create search phrases and insert them into WP as well. I’ll post the link here after I hack together the SQL. But, it definitely won’t be completed this year 🙁

    Thanks all for the quick responses,

  13. Admin Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Glad you got it figured out. I actually upgraded warkensoft.com to WP 2.8.6 and it worked just fine with AmazonFeed, so I was having a hard time duplicating the problem. I’ll have to try it in Opera and see if I can make it die. Would be good to find the problem if possible.

    Just FYI, I’m hoping to release a new version of AmazonFeed soon with better layout, more options and is Widget friendly.

    Have a good one,
    James W.

  14. Dean Says:

    Will not configure.

    Go to Tools / AmazonFeed and enter in the relevant information. FYI I also change Locate to United Kingdom.

    When pressing Save the control panel returns “Locale Change Detected” and nothing else is shown – no errors – no confirmation of success.

    Going back to the Tools / AmazonFeed page shows that none of my configuration data has been saved.

    WordPress 2.8.6 – standard installation, nothing fancy.

  15. Dean Says:

    Further information – error_log shows:-

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_module_open() in /home/sites/www.icounsellor.co.uk/web/
    wp-content/plugins/amazonfeed/php/amazonfeed.class.php on line 1582, referer: http://www.icounsellor.co.uk/wp-admin/tools.php?page=amazonfeed/php/amazonfeed.class.ph

    Documentation (http://php.net/manual/en/function.mcrypt-module-open.php) says mcrypt_module_open available in PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5 … and I’m using PHP 5.2.6 … so peculiar error.

  16. Dean Says:

    Ah – further info in here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=698084

    Apologies – seems my server installation is a little past-it.

  17. Admin Says:

    Hi Dean,

    Yeah, you will need to enable the mcrypt module for PHP in order to use the plugin.

    Glad you got it sorted out,
    James W.

  18. Dave Says:

    2.8.6 seems to have hosed my AdMan plug-in. The middle ad shows but, the top ad doesn’t show if I have a phrase in the post’s field and the bottom ad doesn’t display at all.

    2.8.6 also incorrectly shows ads on my home page when I have the phrase entered for the post with “home” unchecked in the display options.

  19. Dave Says:

    Regarding the previous comment. The problem is on line 921 of amazonfeed.class.php if you check for !$custom_keywords there, it bypasses all of the if(…) return($content) stuff, thus causing the ads to show up even if you specified you didn’t want them on the type of page within that condition.

  20. Admin Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your debugging suggestions re the homepage ads. I’ll try and get this sorted out in the next release. Not sure what’s going on with the AdMan plugin though. Could it be a CSS conflict?

    James W.

  21. Dave Says:

    Oddly, fixing that one line fixed everything