I have recently upgraded FormContact to version 1.1 which now has much better built-in PHP5 support.

The FormContact 1.1 system will allow you to handle most Form-To-Email functions required by a website. It can be set up to take all the submitted form data and convert it to a readable email format. It can be customized to send users to a “thank you” page once the form data has been filled out, and certain form fields can be marked as being required in order for the form to be completed.

It also has the added ability for sending an automated response to the person who fills out the form. Different responses can be used for different forms, and can even be personalized to the user, based on form fields they enter.

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Requirements: PHP 4 or 5

Form Submission
Convert form submitted data to an email which can be received by the webmaster.

Destination Email
Set one or multiple recipients of the email generated from the form data.

Required Fields
The form can be set up to require certain fields to be filled out before a successful submission can be made.

Followup URL
Send your website visitors to a “Thank You” page once they have successfully filled out the form on your website.

Automated Response
In addition to emailing the form data to the webmaster, the FormContact system can create a customized email response to be set back to the user who filled out the form, based on what data they have entered into the form. Excellent for followup of clients, adding that small extra touch of connection to let them know that they have been heard, and will be contacted further shortly.

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4 Responses to “FormContact 1.1 with PHP5 Support”

  1. Maxi Terry Says:

    This form is NICE! … it should be a paid service because it has got everything i want from a form-mail.
    But i kindly request you add FEATURES like.. (sender IP) and ability to send mail via external SMTP.
    Example, if my domain is abc.com it will be nice if i can power my form using my email at smtp.xyz.com
    Because sometimes SENDMAIL on abc.com is just too weak to submit form successfully. Sometimes autoresponder doesn’t reach the sender..
    This is a request and a recommendation. Actually guys this script rocks.!!!
    Can you send me a personal email with the above request ?

  2. Frank Says:

    Thank you for this nice little script


  3. Joshua Says:

    Hi its a beautiful script, works really well but i’m having a bit of trouble implementing the required fields aspect. Is there anywhere I can get in contact with someone on how to enter the the specific fields I want to be required in to the script so that it may function properly? Any help would be great thanks

  4. Maxi Terr Says:

    Hello Joshua
    To make field required is easy.. simply create a hidden field and name it “required” then values for the field should be the fields u want required.. see example.

    where name,email,phone and sex are all form fields..

    NOW MY QUESTION IS.. HOW DO I ADD A BCC ? anyone with help