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The following is a sponsored review of ReviewMe:

On November 9’th, 2006, the creators of Text-Link-Ads launched their latest endeavor called ReviewMe. ReviewMe is intended to bring together the blog-sphere and advertising worlds, by inviting sponsors to submit their products for a paid review and by paying bloggers to review those same products.

The concept is simple enough. Bloggers seeking a little extra income can submit their blog for inclusion in the reviewing community. If accepted, their site will become available for sponsors to purchase reviews on. Advertisers can log into the ReviewMe website, define products or services that they would like to have reviewed and then proceed to purchase reviews on blogs in the reviewing community.

Of course, there are certain guidelines that the blogs have to meet such as traffic requirements, page rank and possibly Alexa ranking. If they qualify though, the blogger is given full control over whether or not they wish to review the product. If the blogger accepts the review task, they are given 48 hours to complete the review and notify the sponsor of it’s location.

The cost of the reviews is based directly on the popularity of the blog. For the advertisers, reviews start at $40 USD and go up from there. This money is split evenly between the writer of the review, and the ReviewMe site. Payments to the writers are are made every month between the 1’st and 4’th. Payments can be received either by check or PayPal.

Concluding Remarks:
While it may not replace your day job, if you’ve got a reasonably popular blog and a love for writing, you could definitely use this resource as an opportunity to earn some revenue through your site. The signup process is simple and easy, and full control over your reviews means you only have to review the things you want your visitors to see. In other words, no unwanted spam!

From an advertising perspective this is a great opportunity to advertise your product or service to people who want to hear about it, in a way that is unobtrusive and highly effective! It generates word of mouth buzz, gets you great feedback and taps into the incredible power of the blogging world.

All in all, it sounds like a win-win for both advertisers and bloggers. Check it out for yourself at

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