FormContact 1.0 Plus


The FormContact 1.0 system will allow you to handle most Form-To-Email functions required by a website. It can be set up to take all the submitted form data and convert it to a readable email format. It can be customized to send users to a “thank you” page once the form data has been filled out, and certain form fields can be marked as being required in order for the form to be completed.

It also has the added ability for sending an automated response to the person who fills out the form. Different responses can be used for different forms, and can even be personalized to the user, based on form fields they enter.

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Requirements: PHP

Form Submission
Convert form submitted data to an email which can be received by the webmaster.

Destination Email
Set one or multiple recipients of the email generated from the form data.

Required Fields
The form can be set up to require certain fields to be filled out before a successful submission can be made.

Followup URL
Send your website visitors to a “Thank You” page once they have successfully filled out the form on your website.

Automated Response
In addition to emailing the form data to the webmaster, the FormContact system can create a customized email response to be set back to the user who filled out the form, based on what data they have entered into the form. Excellent for followup of clients, adding that small extra touch of connection to let them know that they have been heard, and will be contacted further shortly.

Download: Click Here

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9 Responses to “FormContact 1.0 Plus”

  1. H W Lam Says:

    How does your form anti spam and anti hack work?

  2. JDHL Tech Says:

    Hello, thanks for a great program. Unfortunately the auto responder doesn’t work for me. My preference anyway would be to send a blind carbon copy without the form input varibles. Would it be easy to setup a blind carbon copy?

    Please advise…Thank you!

    Regards, JDHL Tech

  3. JDHL Tech Says:

    Hello,I figured it out. Thank you for the code!

    Regards, JDHL Tech

  4. Ronald Smeets Says:


    I want to use you form “Formcontact 1.0 Plus”, but unfortunalty it gets spammed a lot. Does it contain any form of anti spam functionality !?

    Thanks for a reply!


  5. ann Says:

    I would like to know as well about the spamming and to see the responses to the posted questions. Do you have a faq page?



  6. Admin Says:

    Hi Ronald and Ann,

    The anti-spam functionality currently built into the system is specifically designed to prevent people from abusing the code to send emails to undesired third parties. Unfortunately, at this point it does not prevent people from entering spammy comments and sending them to you.

    This functionality was put in specifically to prevent what are called “Header Injections” where hackers were able to send spam to third parties by substituting their own malicious code for the email subject lines, exploiting a vulnerability in the PHP code engine.

    While I am working on a way to prevent spam comments from being entered in the forms, the software is not ready yet.

  7. Kelly Says:


    I am unsure how to make fields required. We have had a lot of folks coming by and not filling in name or phone number, which can be a bit frustrating. Any tips or links to a tutorial on how to make fields required?

    Thank you!

  8. Admin Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    To make fields required, create a hidden field on the form called “required” and put the field names in the value of that hidden field.

    For example, if you want to make the field “PHONE” required, create a hidden field with the following:

    Have a good one.

  9. mengkong Says:

    I want to learn PHP langauge for developing web site.