Daily Jokes for Your Website

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One of the more difficult aspects of running a website, is finding content that your visitors will find useful, and hopefully will keep them coming back. One way in which you can accomplish both of these goals is to run a daily joke or humourous article on your site. Doing so will both provide fresh, new content on a regular basis, as well as giving your website visitors something to come back to. The difficulty is finding and maintaining a regular list of jokes and humour.

This is exactly what The Occasional Joke blog is hoping to provide. This blog is offering it’s readers the opportunity to syndicate the daily jokes onto their own blogs and websites. Anyone running a PHP enabled site can syndicate the latest Occasional Joke to a page on their own site, with just a brief bit of code.

There is also a WordPress plugin developed specifically for people wanting to run Occasional Jokes on their own WordPress blogs as well.

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